Our team at The Academy of Culinary Arts will save you at a minimum 8 hours a week. We can help with services such as menu planning, grocery shopping, cooking, and clean up, valuable time you can free up so you can spend more time with friends and family.  

We can help you prepare all of your weekly meals to your liking and specifications in one day, in your kitchen. You may choose between a weekly service, biweekly service, or monthly service. With having more than 15 years of experience in culinary arts and hospitality management, and over three years as a personal chef, Chef Raymond will be able to tailor to your needs and dietary guidelines. 


Depending on the complexity of your menu and how many entrees you choose, a Personal Chef will be cooking in your kitchen anywhere from 2-6 hours. We guarantee to use the freshest ingredients, when your Personal Chef is done preparing your meals, we will package and label them with detailed re-heating instructions. 



Our goal is to help give your menu a boost by providing cutting-edge limited time offerings or new menu items to complement your existing  menu. Our menu development process can also encompass full operational  assessments and menu analysis.  The team at The Academy of Culinary Arts  will help you to become a more profitable and successful venture.

We  can also help design a menu for families that are looking to eat more  diverse, healthy or creative.  Our goal is to service anyone that needs  help with enhancing their palate.



Have you ever noticed how everyone always ends up in the kitchen at a party? At The Academy of Culinary Arts we use this gathering place as a tool to break down barriers and teach valuable skills through the common bond of food appreciation and cooking. 


Whether you decide upon an informal meeting or an “Iron Chef” competition, sharing time in the kitchen is a proven way to get the inspiration flowing and the interaction growing! And what better way to finish than by sharing a meal at the end of the day when the team has worked toward a common goal? 


Our cooking classes is the perfect event to bring your employees for an adventure that will enhance the dynamics of your organization and re-energize your corporate family. Cooking together: 

  • Brings focus to your group on working together and discovering their hidden talents.
  • When people start cooking, all titles lose their importance — what matters is what they bring to the table! 
  • Requires delegation, time management and attention to detail. 
  • Stirs up creativity.



The Academy of Culinary Arts can help you find a chef for your  restaurant or private chef for your family.  We can assist with  interviewing, job posting, training or re-training your current chef.   Whether you need a chef for a memorable dinner party or a full-time  position on your restaurant, home, estate or yacht, The Academy of  Culinary Arts is the best choice for all of your needs