Cooking Classes



Chef Raymond Acuna is available to come to your home to guide you, or  a group of friends (minimum 2 people and maximum 4 people), through a  fun day of cooking right in your very own kitchen.  Classes are tailored  to your own desire, so the sky is the limit! 

The  class includes pre-planning the individual lesson with you and printed  recipes. In addition to the lesson Chef Raymond will set up prior to the  class and clean-up afterwards.  

Minimum $150 per person.



Skype our Chefs into your kitchen!  Yes, we said Skype!  If you're on this website -  you probably have everything you need.  All you need is a laptop or  tablet with sound, a built-in camera and high speed internet.  At the time of your scheduled cooking class, one of our Chefs will video call you  through Skype.  Then you'll get cooking together! Two to three hours  later, you'll have made an epic meal.    

Get  step-by-step coaching, cooking tips and ask all the questions you want  in a private video call.  Want to know whether to salt your pasta  water?  Perhaps you want to know how to cut an onion or carrot properly.  This is your chance to ask!  

Minimum $50 per person.



The Academy of Culinary Arts will hold all group cooking classes at  Poinsettia Pavilion located in Ventura with close proximity to both the  126 and 101 freeways. The kitchen is fully licensed and certified and  maintain a high standard of cleanliness. Poinsettia Pavilion is located  at 3451 Foothill Road, Ventura, CA 93003.

Great  cooking isn't about recipes—it's about techniques.  In each group  cooking class you'll work together with other students in a fun,  hands-on environment led by talented Chefs.  All class sessions are  B.Y.O.B. - bring your own bottle - so grab your own wine, beer or  champagne (no hard liquor allowed) and join us!  

Minimum $75 per person.



Dinner party cooking classes are a fantastic idea for anyone hosting a  dinner party or looking to plan a fun night in with friends or family.   Hang up the keys, open a bottle of wine and cook with your very own private chef  without leaving home.  You and your guests (minimum 5 people and maximum  10 people) will enjoy cooking in your kitchen in a private class.  

If  you're looking to throw an epic dinner party or do something different  for your next girl's night - you've found the right place!  

Minimum $100  per person.